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Entrepreneurial Training for Dislocated Workers/Homemakers
This program is made possible through grant funds received from the US Department of Labor
Massachusetts Division of Career Services

Eligibility Requirements

Since 1989 Massachusetts has been sponsoring Entrepreneurial Training Programs (ETP) for dislocated workers. As part of the statewide Rapid Response effort to provide re-employment services to dislocated workers, ETP provides intensive training and technical assistance to people with a promising business idea and a desire to start their own businesses. The curriculum includes:

Instruction on market research, marketing tools, strategic planning, networking and community resources, sales techniques, time management, presentation skills, and financial management. Volunteer guest speakers are also brought in to provide specific technical expertise in areas such as legal, insurance, human resource, and commercial real estate issues.

The objective of the program is to assist participants in the preparation and implementation of a specific, comprehensive Business Plan tailored to each individual entrepreneur's needs.

Another important component of the program is to facilitate connections between the entrepreneur and all of the resources and services he or she may need to successfully launch and sustain a business. The purpose of these programs is to create jobs and contribute to the economic development of Massachusetts.

Even those who decide not to start a business benefit significantly from skills gained in the program. Our follow up surveys indicate that 83% of those who found jobs following the program had wages at least as high or higher than their pre layoff wage. In general, 87% of program graduates, whether business owners or employees, indicated a very high level of job satisfaction.

Seminars In Entrepreneurship
This fee-based program is offered jointly with Berkshire Horseback Adventures, Lenox, MA

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Starting a new business is not for everyone ... but if you have a good idea and want to explore expanding it into a business, Berkshire Enterprises' Seminars in Entrepreneurship might be just what you need to get started. Since 1989 Berkshire Enterprises has helped over 1100 people move their dreams from the idea stage to a business plan and has assisted over 850 businesses. Approximately 85% of these businesses are in operation today.

In order to serve those not eligible or unable to participate in one of our publicly funded programs, Berkshire Enterprises, working with Berkshire Horseback Adventures, has initiated a series of seminars designed to assist the growing number of individuals in business or planning to open a business. The eight week program covers all of the basic concepts necessary to write a business plan. Participants meet evenings in order to accommodate those who are employed.

Our programs are intensive, hands-on and practical, designed to teach participants how to develop their business ideas into a formal business plan and how to operate a successful business.

Seminar tuition is $350 and includes course materials plus two hours of one-to-one business consulting (by appointment).

Week 1
  • Developing your business idea.
  • What is a Business Plan?
  • What it takes to be self employed.
Week 2
  • Target Customer/Market Research
Week 3
  • Competition issues
Week 4
  • Forms of ownership/Legal issues
  • Business environment
Week 5
  • Issues related to home-based businesses
  • Market research to the Marketing Plan
  • Promotion
Week 6
  • Money Management
Week 7
  • Cashflow – Projected and Annual
  • Company financial statements
Week 8
  • Financing/Funding
  • Program review

Small Business Management Institute (SBMI)

This fee-based program is offered to small business owners, managers and their employees in afilliation with Berkshire Community College. The specialized curriculum developed by Berkshire Enterprises and Developmental Dimensions International (DDI)
is designed to help small businesses improve management skills

Skills needed to sustain and grow a small business differ from the skills needed to start a business.

SBMI is a training program for small business owners, managers and employees offering customized workshops designed to improve management and business skills through high-level training. Our goal is to design and provide a vibrant training environment, on or off-site, where businesses look to work collaboratively to improve management skills.

To sustain and grow a business, owners and managers have to move from doing to managing those who manage. Most local companies are too small to hire human resource personnel to train owners and managers and likely do not have the resources to hire managers knowledgeable in all skill areas. To succeed, owners have to develop additional skills themselves.

Skills Customized Workshops:


Our SBMI training topics can be tailored to solve your company's performance challenges, support organizational development, and meet specific business goals.

Customer Service
Personnel Management
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