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These custom designed workshops are offered to help small businesses improve management skills.

Small Business Management Institute (SBMI)

This fee-based program is offered to small business owners, managers and their employees in afilliation with Berkshire Community College. The specialized curriculum developed by Berkshire Enterprises and Developmental Dimensions International (DDI) is designed to help small businesses improve management skills.

Skills needed to sustain and grow a small business differ from the skills needed to start a business.

SBMI is a training program for small business owners, managers and employees offering customized workshops designed to improve management and business skills through high-level training. Our goal is to design and provide a vibrant training environment, on or off-site, where businesses look to work collaboratively to improve management skills.

To sustain and grow a business, owners and managers have to move from doing to managing those who manage. Most local companies are too small to hire human resource personnel to train owners and managers and likely do not have the resources to hire managers knowledgeable in all skill areas. To succeed, owners have to develop additional skills themselves.

Skills Customized Workshops:


Our SBMI training topics can be tailored to solve your company's performance challenges, support organizational development, and meet specific business goals.

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